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Film logo preservation and talk thread
(2023-10-30, 07:27 AM)SpaceBlackKnight Wrote: That comes off the UK trailer for The Handmaid's Tale. AFAIK it was only seen on UK release prints of stuff from 1987 until Virgin shuttered their film division.

Ah thanks so much! Is that UK trailer found on a particular DVD/Blu?
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(2023-10-25, 10:33 PM)Bianjumu Wrote: Thought I'd announce myself with the reason I joined. The 1967 United Artists logo as seen on the recent Kino Lorber blu-rays has always to my eyes looked like a recreation, especially with how the blue "CRT" portion of the logo becomes just another rounded off square and the UA wordmark is centered within the circle. I figured, since this likely means there might not be another source for the genuine article, we could at least do with a more accurate recreation.


Nice work if that is a recreation! The Kino Dollars releases used a fan recreation that originated from here


It is! I used the scope version that was captured off of Retroplex's 'You Only Live Twice' as a basis and drew the rest as vectors.

I was mostly hardlining on getting the blue "tube TV" look right. It bugs me on how both this and the recreation from Joker that it gets simplified into just a rounded-off square. Thanks!
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(2023-10-30, 11:04 PM)TheLoon Wrote: Ah thanks so much! Is that UK trailer found on a particular DVD/Blu?

R1 MGM DVD has the trailer in question. The BDs use a different trailer that doesn't have it.
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Sure has been quite here...

Just recently, a flat widescreen version of the 1981 CIC logo (the one Williarob originally found off his Raders of the Lost Ark scan) has surfaced on iTunes and Amazon Video Italy copies of Segni Particolari: Bellissimo.

[Image: vlcsnap-2024-03-08-21h50m30s690.png]

Apparently, this movie was released in Germany on Blu some time ago (Seriously, how did I miss it?!). Not only does the German BD also have this logo intact, but seems to use a different transfer going by this video:


Apparently, the CIC branches in some countries were still in operation until switching to UIP by at least 1986. According to some poster searching, the last release to bear the CIC name was a 1985 Spanish film called OperaciĆ³n Mantis, starring and directed by famed Paul Naschy.

Another jaw dropping find, and my jaw still hasn't retracted back up yet LOL!
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