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[Request] The Wizard of Oz (1982, Toho) English version reconstruction in HD

I own the Paramount VHS of Toho's anime movie The Wizard of Oz (1982). I'm aware that the only DVD release of this movie available is a region-free release by IDG in Poland, and is available from a Polish online store called DVDmax. However, that DVD is of the 1986 Japanese version and only has Japanese and Polish 5.1 audio tracks and Polish subtitles.

I was wondering if someone could rip the Paramount laserdisc, deinterlace, pulldown, clean up, and AI upscale the LD rip to 2160p, rip the IDG DVD, deinterlace, pulldown, and AI upscale the DVD rip to 2160p, reconstruct the English version with the credits and audio (both in 16-bit PCM stereo and a 5.1 upmix using FreeSurround in foobar2000) from the upscaled LD rip and the restored footage from the upscaled DVD rip, and then downscale the reconstruction to 1080p.

I'm also aware that a reconstruction of the English version exists on YouTube. However, it only uses the Polish DVD video and English audio and is in 480p.

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