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[Released] The Tower aka Ta-weo 2012 Special Edition
[Image: olmk6lTl.jpg]

This is a really well done disaster movie, the South Korean Towering Inferno. As far as I am aware it's only been releasd on Blu Ray in Germany and it's not English friendly. I've taken that release and combined it with the US DVD to create a special edition blu ray with the following:
  • Reworked Menu, background video, pop up menu and resume function
  • Untouched 1080P AVC Video
  • Korean And German 5.1 DTS-HD Audio
  • English 5.1 DVD AC3
  • English, German and Dutch subtitle options
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Making Of
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Trailer

Thanks to @MrBrown for finding the disc for me.

PM me for the links, contributing/long term members only please. Contributing means active members of the forum who post and/or make their own projects.

High Resolution cover and disc art available from @Pineapples101 Here.

[Image: eL41BJXl.png]
[Image: 8LAclXgl.png]
[Image: exiFQXIl.png]
[Image: iLPSsJbl.png]
[Image: VGY6hZol.png]
[Image: AVIxtHQl.png]
[Image: oGlCI6ul.png]
[Image: sZbzkjel.png]

[Image: AwtYIcwl.png]
[Image: nX0IUK9l.png]
[Image: Dbs0Tx3l.png]

Just to clarify this is a project that I have made for myself which I am choosing to share. If you don't like the project, if you think it should have been done differently then feel free to keep that to yourself and consider doing your own project.
Thanks given by: Hitcher , PDB , BDgeek , stwd4nder2 , dwalkerdon
Fun movie, shame there's no proper English release.

I did notice a frame of corruption at 00:26:11. I don't have the German release, so not sure if it exists there as well:
[Image: 3qim7x.jpg]
Thanks given by:
So I've found the offending frame I think - 37685? It's like that in the rip I have of the German disc, however both the German disc and the disc of my project are nowhere as bad. Did you re-encode it at all?

[Image: 2KOF4kj.png]
Thanks given by:
If I find my dutch BDI'll Check if I can see it on the disc. I did not reencode it, but you never know if at the Layer change the ripper might mess up.
(Germany and Netherlands got same release by same company with dutch sub and german dub. Both are OOP. German BD wasn't avaible at all, Dutch BD was avaible on a dutch used items marketplace Big Grin)

If so: I have another BD of the movie, but I do not remember from what country, I think the France Release. If I find it in my Boxes, I'll check that, too. If Dutch/German Bd is faulty as well, we might get a unfaulty video stream from that.

Okay, the BD doesnt seem to have that issue. Somehow I start to assume that it might be a problem due to a faulty bit in the stream due to transfer (either upload to webspace on my upload, or when downloading. Nonetheless: I'll rip the BD Video again and will upload again. hopefully whistime without any missbits in the stream.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Thanks given by: alleycat
Thanks @MrBrown, just to confirm the question about re-encoding was to @stwd4nder2 - I just couldn't work out why the distortion on my version was so different from the distortion on his.
Thanks given by:
Just used MakeMKV to mux into an mkv. Confirmed the same results if I mount the iso and play the m2ts file directly.
Here's the md5sum of the iso I downloaded: 10c877f98dfb4aa920bed93f7c693197
Thanks given by:

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