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The Crow original sound mix?
(2024-02-08, 09:57 PM)stwd4nder2 Wrote: Did Crow have a cinema DTS track?

I tired to track it down for years but no luck. So not sure if it exists or not.
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According to the end credits there were DTS 5.1 and Dolby Stereo mixes.

The UK cinema poster says the same.

US poster mentions no audio format at all.

I think it's safe to say that theatrical 5.1 would be the optimum soundtrack (if original).

Goodness knows what the dreadful Paramount will come up with...
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The PCM LD is the only good mix in the wild I have heard
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Can you rip DTS LDs PDB? If I ran into a good bargain for The Crow LD DTS, I might send one your way.
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(2024-02-09, 09:27 PM)Stamper Wrote: Can you rip DTS LDs PDB? If I ran into a good bargain for The Crow LD DTS, I might send one your way.

Sadly, my LD player is pretty much dead. Sorry about that
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You ran it too many times!
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(2024-02-09, 11:16 PM)Stamper Wrote: You ran it too many times!

To be fair, it is nearly 30 years. The Japanese built their LD players right.
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I was halfway making a comparison with audio from the BD and the LD may have to finish
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